Sweeneys Garage NCT Service

Pre NCT costs €45.00, it takes 1 hour approx and we give a written report.



Free All Session Check

✔ Check condition of each tyre
✔Check thread depth, inflate tyre to correct pressure
✔Full bulb check
✔Fluid Levels
✔Window Wipers: front and rear
✔Light alignment
✔Battery Test
✔Visually check dashboard warning lights

Sweeneys Garage recommend that tyre pressure is checked regularly. Please ask our manager to show you how we perform any of the above tests.
For quality information please see Carcare.org.

Full Pre-NCT Check

Pre NCT costs €45.00, it takes 1 hour approx and we give a written report.

If you go and have your car tested, you can bring us in the report we will gladly look over it and advise. Sweeneys garage has a policy if we carry out any repair and the car fails, after work is carried out we will refund the next re test fee and offer to use our time to take your car for the re test.


✔ Service Brake Pedal
✔ Service Brake Operation (Inspection inside the Vehicle)
✔ Mechanical Brake Hand Lever
✔ Parking Brake Performance
✔ Brake Fluid – Brake Lines / Hoses Brake
✔ Wheel Units – Mechanical Brake Components – Master Cylinders / Servo / Valves / Connections


✔ Exhaust Lambda sensor
✔ Exhaust System / Noise

Wheels: Tyres

✔ Tyre Condition
✔ Tyre Specification

Mechanical Brake Hand Lever

✔ Tyre Tread – Wheels
✔ Spare Wheel and Carrier
✔ Wheel Bearings Wheels: Tyres
✔ Stop Lamps
✔ Rear Lamps
✔ Registration Plate Lamps
✔ Indicators / Tell Tales – Side Lamps
✔ Headlamp Condition
✔ Headlamp Aim
✔ Aux Lamp Condition
✔ Aux Lamp Aim
✔ Reflectors Steering : Suspension
✔ Steering Wheel Play
✔ Front Axle Suspension bushes
✔ Rear Axle Suspension bushes
✔ Steering Linkage
✔ Front Springs
✔ Shock Absorber Condition
✔ Rear Suspension – Rear Springs

Chassis: Under body

✔ Doors, Locks
✔ Anti-theft devices
✔ Bodywork – Chassis condition
✔ Under body condition Electric
✔ Horn
✔ Electrical System

Glass : Mirrors

✔ Windscreen Wipers and Washers
✔ Glass, windscreen and all glass condition
✔ Rear View Mirrors


✔ Transmission, leaks and general condition


✔ Seats and anchorage
✔ Speedometer
✔ Safety Belts


✔ Fuel System, leaks
✔ Line condition


✔ Registration Plates
✔ Towing Bracket / Coupling

We offer the above complete pre NCT for €45.00. If repairs are required we will give you a written quotation and agree the price before any work is carried out. If in the unlikely event that your car fails the test, bring it to us and we will take the €45 off any repairs that are needed.

Mininum Requirements as per NCT Website

A pre NCT inspection does not guarantee a pass when you visit the centre, however it will significantly increase your chances of a pass.

Did you know if your engine is very low on oil or very overfilled the NCT will not do the smoke test which is a complete waste of your money.

Our advice is to go to one of Sweeney’s garage and get a free inspection and we will pick up on this situation.