Essential NCT checklist for drivers to follow

An NCT test is an essential part of owning a motor vehicle in Ireland. It provides official proof that your vehicle is roadworthy and in good enough condition to be on the road. It also helps to reduce harmful emissions from vehicles. A major part of any NCT inspection is preparing for it in advance. While this is no guarantee of success, getting organised beforehand can help your vehicle pass checklist for NCT and avoid any extra hassle or costs.

Checklist for NCT - what are the essentials?

Checklist for NCT - what are the essentials?

The below jobs are the most crucial parts of any pre-NCT checklist:
– empty boot and clear vehicle of valuables/personal belongings
– check the engine for oil and water plus ensure the windscreen      washer is topped up
– check the vehicle is relatively clean (in particular the underbody)
– ensure the engine is in good order
– remove hubcaps (where wheel nuts cannot be seen) and inflate tyres to the right pressure
– check and set lights
– all clips and seat belts are easily seen
– make sure the vehicle is at the usual operating temperature before arriving for inspection

If you work through all of the above points prior to your NCT inspection, you should be all ready to go!

What else do you need for an NCT?

In addition to the above, it is also key to bring the right documentation with you on the day. This includes:

– vehicle registration book and licensing certificate/registration certificate
– suitable ID (driving licence or Public Services Card)

If you do not bring the above documents with you to the test centre, an NCT certificate cannot be issued on the test day. You should also remember to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment and bring the means to pay the test fee with you.

Free basic pre-NCT Dublin check at Sweeney's Garage

While the above tips are handy for ensuring your vehicle is ready for its next NCT test, you might not have the time or inclination to give your car the once over.

Here at Sweeney’s Garage, we offer a 100% free basic pre-NCT inspection to customers. Simply turn up at one of our 3 locations in Dublin (Ballyfermot, Tallaght or Dublin City Centre) to take advantage of our free 10 point pre-NCT inspection check.

If you think your car needs a more thorough check beforehand, why not try our pre and post NCT service from €40? This gives a more detailed overview of your vehicle compared to our free 10 point check. As such, it is perfect if you are worried your car might have something seriously wrong with it. It is also good if you want an affordable way to improve your vehicle’s chances of passing its NCT test.