Electronic Parts And Accessories

Our auto electricians diagnose and repair or replace components causing electrical faults in motor vehicles, and fit new electrical and electronic parts and accessories.

Most modern vehicles rely on a wide range of electrical and electronic systems, controlling most aspects of the vehicle’s performance. For instance, duties of an auto electrician may include:

  • Using specialised equipment to take readings from the vehicle to identify faults

  • Checking and testing wiring systems

  • Researching faults using manufacturers’ circuit diagrams and specification manuals

  • Repairing or replacing faulty parts

  • Re-testing systems to ensure repairs have been successful which may include road testing the vehicle

  • Fitting new accessories such as satellite navigation and entertainment systems.

  • Checking car batteries and charging systems

  • Checking starting motors etc

Our initial 15 minute inspection is free of charge, so call in or make an appointment today.