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Sweeneys Garage Established in 2001, With garages across Dublin, including Ballyfermot, Tallaght and Dublin City Centre, our highly skilled mechanics provide quality services at our affordable to our customers.


Sweeneys Garage will clean it before returning it to you

To keep our Sweeneys Garage customer and staff safe please follow the below instruction on how to clean your car.

Luckily, keeping your car clean isn’t all that complicated. The most effective weapon against COVID-19 is soap (for seats and dashboards, of course). It doesn’t need to be antibacterial. Pretty much any household soap will do. Soap interacts with viruses in much the same way it does oils: it breaks them down. A simple soap scrub will annihilate any viruses in your car, and soap is unlikely to degrade your interior surfaces the way many cleaners can. But that business about scrubbing your hands for 20 seconds applies here, too. You can’t just move some soap around and then rinse it off. Soap needs time to surround and break down the virus.

    1. Wash steering wheel
    2. Wash gear stick
    3. Wash door handles
    4. Wash outside door handles
    5. Please make sure that any tissues are removed from your car.
Exhaust replacement or repair

Disclaimer. Please check your own sources for virus information

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Oil Change / Oil filter
25 Point Check / Top Up Fluids
Air Filter / Spark Plugs Reset Service Light / Fuel Filter

Pre And Post NCT

Sweeney’s Garage offers two types of pre N.C.T inspection:

Free All Season Check
Full Pre-NCT Check

Auto Electrics

Sweeneys Garage auto electricians diagnose & repair or replace components causing electrical faults in motor vehicles. We also fit new electrical and electronic parts and accessories.

Wheel Alignment

We have the latest wheel alignment technology. Backed by fully trained staff.

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